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What About Clouds? Tenth Cloud
Tenth Cloud
What About Clouds?
Traditional Electronic, Chillout, Electro
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Tenth Cloud - What About Clouds? [USC-WR-1304.0157]

An amazing world of clouds – so different and constantly changing, so tender in summer brightness or heavy in winter melancholy. Eternal natural creatures that take most bizarre shapes and than vanish in boundless skies. Light world of neverending motion...

01 • 3:39 • Cirrus Cloud
02 • 4:48 • Tears of Clouds
03 • 4:21 • Sequenced Clouds
04 • 3:59 • Curly Cloud
05 • 4:06 • Nomadic Cloud
06 • 5:18 • Cloud in a Pocket
07 • 3:11 • Cloud Watcher
08 • 4:08 • Cloud Sleeper
09 • 4:30 • Twisted Cloud
10 • 3:35 • Nothing Will Happen on a Way to Clouds
11 • 4:14 • Farewell to Clouds

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Posted by USC on 07 April 2013
Tags: tranquility, em, traditional electronic, berlin school, soundscapes, relax, melodic, dream, chillout, atmospheric